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April 26, 2015 / bloggenstatt

Eat at Tom’s

Britney Spears, autotune and Giorgio Moroder have collaborated to cover Suzanne Vega’s 1987 song “Tom’s Diner”.

The most recent cover of “Tom’s Diner” is being praised as unexpectedly great. This is incorrect. While the collaboration and choice of cover song are unexpected, they aren’t great.

It’s just a sped-up version of “Tom’s Diner” with all the business and autotune one expects from a Britney Spears song in 2015. The first song to ever be compressed into MP3 format deserves better.

It’s also disappointing, because “Tom’s Diner” was the basis for one of the all-time greatest remixes.

The British group, DNA, put a drum beat, bass groove and intermittent horn blasts behind Vega’s vocals for a surprise early ’90s hit. The DNA remix still holds up, and I kind of doubt anyone will be extolling the virtues of the Spears-Moroder endeavor 25 years from now.


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