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January 31, 2014 / bloggenstatt

What’s App, Doc ?


Beats headphones are everywhere.

The Dr. Dre-affiliated headphones inspire both rants and raves, but whether you’re  at the gym, on the bus or walking down the street a blood red lowercase B is omnipresent.

The brand’s success recently led Beats to expand their efforts to a music streaming service.

The nascent application is surprisingly excellent.

It combines the strengths of, Pandora and Spotify. Then it applies a flashy coat of glossy Beats varnish to its presentation.

There is a deep catalog of music, it’s recommendations actually seem to take a listeners’ preferences into account, there are no commercials, unlimited skips, plenty of interesting features and, because it is a Beats product, plenty of playlists curated by celebrities and music industry insiders.

Using Beats Music is simple and intuitive.

The first step after downloading the application and signing in is picking at least three artists and genres from a fairly inclusive list that you enjoy.

If you choose to do so, you can pick more than three, and eliminate some artists or genres.

After that it’s time to start listening to music, the application will keep track of what you like, don’t like and actually listen to, and it will quickly have a firm grasp on what sorts of music a listener is predisposed to like.

Impressively, within 3 hours of downloading the application it understood my taste in music well enough to suggest a playlist of artists who influenced or were influenced by The Pixies.

While the preset playlists are great, after messing around with the app for a few days, my favorite feature is by far The Sentence.

It’s essentially a playlist generated by a four-part madlib, and it basically generates a Pandora radio station based on the aural atmosphere a listener wants to create.

Downloading the app is free, but using it for more than seven days is not.

A monthly subscription to Beats Music costs $14.99 per month, although this can be paid in one lump sum of $119.88

The Beats Music app is available on iPhones, phones using Android OS and Windows phones. Signing up for the service also allows subscribers to access an online streaming service on their computer.

Ultimately, I probably won’t be shelling out $10 every single month for the service, but I have enjoyed my free 7-trial so far.

I would recommend at checking out the free Beats Music trial to anyone who loves music and wants more tasteful spontaneity in their listening routine. If you are paying for the premium versions of Spotify or Pandora, I would recommend switching over to Beats Music.

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