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October 31, 2013 / bloggenstatt

The Creepiest Song I Could Think Of

In honor of Halloween I decided to share the creepiest song I could think of. “Butterfly Knife” off of 2011’s excellent “Past Life Martyred Saints” by EMA takes that title handily.

There is a sing-song, nursery rhyme  quality to lyrics concerning self-mutilation which bring to mind the unsettling children’s song in “Friday the 13th”.

The song is a slew of explicit and implicit allusions and references to gore and the macabre.

References to torment in high school, rabbits who share names with characters from “Natural Born Killers”, repeated mentions of self-harm and child-like description of a butterfly knife’s inflicted carnage as a kiss all help to conjure up dark thoughts.

Everything from Oliver Stone films, to “Carrie”, to the Overlook Hotel twins seem to be a reference point for this song.

Of course, the lyrics are joined by a fuzzy, lurching, brooding, anxiety-inducing dark ambiance and disjointed Tony Iommi power chords which only compound a listener’s fear.

This song succeeds wildly at its aim to capture feelings of dread, anxiety, melodrama and fatalism.

This year skip “The Monster Mash” on your Halloween playlist and genuinely upset people with “Butterfly Knife”.

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